Release Date : May 6, 2013
Genre : ,
Catalog ref. : Fukai Music FUKAI001

Fukai 2 meaning ‘deep’ in Japanese 2 is a brand new label aiming to release tasteful deep house from around the world. The label’s first missive comes from Aki Bergen & Djuma Soundsystem Feat. Lazarusman and includes remixes from Just Be, former member of Layo & Bushwacka!, as well as Klangkuenstler. Italian Aki Bergen has an assured discography, whilst his partner for this single is Djuma Soundsystem who has topped many Beatport charts with his exciting house sounds. Together they craft ‘Don’t Stop’, a delightfully off kilter track with an infectious mechanical groove and plenty of wobbling synth lines. Said synths glow like golden embers as the mid tempo percussion brings plenty of funk. Lazarusman’s slowly rapped vocals add plenty of intimacy to the track and confirm this to be a sure fire summer terrace success. Former member of Layo & Buswhacka! now recording as Just Be provides the first of the remixes. His take is all about the funky drums and bassline combo that recall classic, shuffling US house. Here the vocal is sped and chopped up to imbue the track with more restless energy and on this evidence Just Be will likely be as big as Layo & bushwacka! have been over the last decades. To close things German producer Klangkuenstler tackles ‘Don’t Stop’ and goes for something much more direct, with oversized kick drums and sharp percussion doing their thing beneath a much more haunting and haunted version of the original vocal. A fine debut release that suggest great things are ahead for Fukai.