Release Date : June 26, 2020
Genre : ,
Catalog ref. : Stil Vor Talent SVT279

Flitting effortlessly between genres, styles and tempos, Djuma Soundsystem and NenaHalena answer the call of the wild with Sagas of Iziki. Rim Jhim sees lyrical fascinations from the Old World meet the modern sounds of the New World, laced with earthy percussion and accentuated with bird-like trills and thrills. Channelling the mystical vibe is Nangarin, dialling up hearty tribal beats and ritualistic vocal samples to create a musical fairytale of melodic, deep tribal tech house. Maestro David Mayer lends his inimitable touch to Rim Jhim, laying it down thick with euphoric exotica and a carnivalesque vibe. Lunar Plane’s remix of ‘Nangarin’ strips back the original track, to produce a more downtempo vibe while adding a layer of complexity to the already emotive ethnic melodies. A journey, a tale, a story: Sagas of Iziki is a surefire way to see the dancefloor shake what their Mama gave them.